Aging Adult Services

We have a host of programs that can ease the challenges—emotional, financial, and practical—of caring for an aging adult.

Some programs to be aware of:

Backup Care

Our backup care offering through can provide in-home backup care for an aging adult or companion and also personal care services such as transportation to medical appointments.

Consultation for Caregivers

Taking care of an adult family member can be very rewarding, but this role also comes with many challenges that most of us are unprepared for.  Whether caring for an aging parent or disabled partner or sibling, it can be difficult finding the resources you need to provide the best care for your loved one while managing your own stress. Uncovering options for care, deciphering program rules, and dealing with complex emotions can feel overwhelming in the midst of full-time work and other responsibilities. To support you in this role, you are eligible for free individualized consultations with a Lifespan Services Consultant who can assist you as you problem-solve, and refer you to caregiving resources.  To schedule an appointment, contact us at or 410-516-2000.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

If you have an elderly adult who is your dependent, you can make use of a dependent care FSA to set aside up to $5,000 in pre-tax dollars for qualified dependent care expenses that enable you, and your spouse (if you are married), to work or attend school full time.

LifeMart Employee Discounts

In addition to discounts on time-saving conveniences such as food-delivery service, our LifeMart employee discount program can save you money on senior care and products, and other everyday needs.


JHU’s mySupport programs can help with many of the challenges surrounding caring for an aging adult—whether it’s finding housing, accessing resources for caregivers, or getting answers to legal and other questions.  mySupport can also help with the psychological stressors associated with caregiving by offering free, in-person counseling sessions.