Lactation Rooms

Johns Hopkins’ registered lactation rooms, located throughout our campuses and office buildings, offer a private space for employees needing to express milk while at work. Our registered rooms are equipped with hospital-grade pumps and other comforts such as vending machines with pump-related items.

Register Here  Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing general room and access information. 

Find a Lactation Room Near You

There are 51 registered rooms (and other non-registered or private rooms) scattered across the Hopkins campuses. Expand the lists below to find the most convenient room for you. If there is not a room in close proximity to you, reach out to us at Benefits & Worklife to see if one can be designated.

Bayview Medical Campus

Bayview Medical Campus Map

A Building, Rm. A118F

Asthma & Allergy Center, 5th Floor, Rm. 5B-84

Burton Pavilion, 1st Floor, Rm. 1437

Frances Scott Key Pavilion, 5th Floor, Mamava Pod

Mason F. Lord Building, Center Tower, Rm. 4200

East Baltimore Campus

East Baltimore Campus Map

415 N. Washington St., Rm. 321

1812 Ashland Ave., Rm. 511

1830 East Monument St., Rm. 511

2024 East Monument St., Rm. B700

Bloomberg Children’s Center, Rm. 4462

Bloomberg School of Public Health, Hampton House, Rm. B87

Bloomberg School of Public Health, Wolfe St. Bldg., Rm. WB513

Cancer Research Building II (CRB-II), Rm. 147A

Halsted, Rm. B-186

Harriet Lane Clinic at Rubenstein Bldg., Rm. 2086

Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center (JHOC), Rm. LL231B

Nelson Bldg., Rm. 2-104

Pre-Clinical Teaching Bldg. (PCTB), Rm. 302

School of Nursing, Rm. N122

Smith Bldg., M011

Towline Level of the Fayette Service Center, Mamava Pod

Turner Bldg., Rm. 2 (Concourse Level)

Viragh Bldg., Rm. 10009

Weinberg Bldg., Rm. 2339

Zayed Tower, Rm. 6-013

Homewood Campus

Homewood Campus Map

Bloomberg Physics & Astronomy, 3rd Floor

Garland Hall, Rm. 073

Gilman Hall, Rm. 037

Hackerman Hall, Rm. 103

Hodson Hall, Rm. 105B

Life Design Lab, Rm. U17

O’Connor Center for Rec & Well-Being, Rm. 209

Olin Hall, Rm. 309

San Martin Center, Rm. 105C

San Martin Center, Rm. 200G

Shaffer Hall, Rm. 309

Wyman, Rm. W118

Off-Campus Locations

Candler Bldg. (111 Market Place), 3rd Floor

Carey Business School, 6th Floor

East Baltimore Medical Center (1000 E. Eager)

Green Spring Station, Pavilion II, Suite #265

JH @ Eastern, Rm. B223A

JH @ Eastern, 1st Floor

JH  @ EPIC, 1000 Lancaster Street, Rm. 3514

JH @ Keswick, South Bldg., 2nd Floor Wellness Suite

JHHC, (7231 Parkway Dr., Hanover, MD), 1st Floor

JH Home Care Group, Suite A, Rm. 183

Mt. Washington, Davis Bldg., 2nd Floor (near Suite 210)

Peabody, Leakin Hall, 1st Floor, Rm. LH-112

SAIS, Bernstein Offit Bldg., DC, Rm. 511

Additional Locations (Available Upon Request)

The following locations have private space available upon request.

Bond Street, Suite 550 | (410) 955-6881 OR (410) 614-6652

East Baltimore, 98 N. Broadway | (410) 614-3799

Emergency Department – For ED Staff ONLY

Greenspring Station | (410) 583-2460

Howard County General Hospital | (410) 740-7830

JHPIEGO, 1615 & 1637 Thames St. | (410) 410-537-1800

Montgomery County | (301) 294-7000

Public Health Studies, 3505 N. Charles St. | (410) 516-5863

School of Education, 2800 N. Charles St. | (410) 516-4925

Sibley Memorial Hospital, 4th Floor, Bldg. B | (202) 537-4750

Suburban Hospital | (301) 896-3167

White Marsh Physicians Billing | (410) 933-1291

Wilmer Eye Institute (@JHH) | (410) 955-6230

Personal & Hospital Grade Pumps, Accessory Kits, & Vending Machines

Personal Pumps Through Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) expanded health plan coverage to include breastfeeding support and supplies. Coverage will vary based on your insurance provider.

Contact your insurance provider to explore the pump options available to you, as well as how to obtain your pump. Typically, a prescription for the personal pump is needed from your Doctor on or after baby’s date of birth, in addition to a copy of your insurance card, and basic demographic information.

  • Johns Hopkins Pharmaquip works with all Johns Hopkins insurance providers to distribute a free personal pump through your insurance plan. The Durable Medical Equipment Department can be reached directly at: 410-288-8955. All documents can be faxed to: 410-282-8455. Once the information is received and verified, the personal pump will ship directly to you in 1-3 business days.
  • Storkpump is a free resource that also works with all Johns Hopkins insurance providers and navigates the process of obtaining a pump for employees. More information can be found on their website.
Hospital Grade Pumps

We provide hospital-grade pumps in our lactation rooms for use by employees needing to express milk while at work. To use the pumps, you’ll need to provide your own accessory kit.

A hospital-grade pump is the strongest and most durable pump available for milk expression. It has a more powerful motor than a personal-use pump, so it provides a higher level of suction and more efficient pumping. This effectively stimulates and raises your levels of prolactin and oxytocin, the hormones that increase your milk production and output.

While a personal-use pump is intended for use by only one individual, a hospital-grade pump is designed and approved by the FDA to be safe for multiple users. A hospital-grade pump can be used by more than one person because it is designed with barriers that prevent cross contamination. When using a hospital-grade pump, each user MUST supply their own accessory kit.

Medela Symphony

Ameda Platinum

Accessory Kits

You are welcome to use your own pump in our lactation rooms, but if you choose to use the hospital-grade pumps we provide, you are responsible for providing your own accessory kit.

To purchase an accessory kit at a discounted rate of $30, please visit one of our Lacstation™ Vending Machines.

  • Bloomberg Children’s Center, Room 4462
  • Nelson Building, Room 2-104
  • Wyman Park Building, Room W118

Ameda Dual Hygiene Kit Without BPA or DEHP

The Ameda Dual HygieniKit Without BPA or DEHP features a unique silicone diaphragm that prevents moisture and milk from entering the pump tubing.

Medela Symphony Double Pumping Kit

Medela’s pump parts and accessories are made without BPA, and the accessory kit includes everything you need to use a hospital-grade pump.

Lacstation Vending Machines

Our Lacstation™ vending machines offer employee discount pricing on accessory kits and parts as well as other lactation supplies.

Currently, we have 3 vending machines, 2 located on the East Baltimore Campus and 1 on the Homewood Campus: 

  1. Bloomberg Children’s Center, 4th Floor, Room 4462
  2. Nelson Building, 2nd Floor, Room 2-104
  3. Wyman Park Building, 1st Floor, Room W118

Rooms can be accessed with a keypad code or with your ID badge, information is provided in your LSP registration confirmation email.

Vending Machine Contents:

  • Ameda Accessory Kit
  • Medela Accessory Kit
  • Lactation Cookies
  • Breast Pads
  • 5 oz. Bottles
  • Milk Storage Bags
  • Quick Clean Wipes
  • Microsteam Bags
  • Accessory Kit Parts (membranes, valves, etc.)

Vending Instructions:

  1. Swipe your credit or debit card to unlock the machine door.
  2. Select the product(s) you would like. Feel free to read product labels or return the product to its bin/shelf.
  3. Remove the product(s) you want to purchase and close the door. Your credit or debit card will only be charged for the products you have removed from the machine before closing the door.
  4. Enter your email address to receive a receipt (optional).

Contact Worklife with any questions: | (410) 516-2000