You are eligible to enroll in dental coverage as long as you are a full-time member of the university’s faculty or staff. You may also cover your eligible dependents, as follows:

  • Your legally married spouse or domestic partner*; and
  • Your child(ren) until the end of the year in which your child turns 26. Coverage may be continued for children up to any age, if they cannot support themselves because of a mental or physical disability (certification of disability is required; contact the provider for more information).

For this purpose, “children” are: biological children, adopted children, children placed with the eligible employee for adoption, stepchildren, children of the employee’s domestic partner, or children for whom the eligible employee has been appointed legal guardian.

You will be required to provide the appropriate documentation for your spouse, domestic partner or dependents that are added to the plan. Please see our dependent certification summary for details.

Dependents may only be covered under the plan you elect for yourself. The types of coverage available are:

  • Individual – faculty/staff member
  • 1 Adult and Child(ren) – faculty/staff member and one or more children
  • 2 Adults – faculty/staff member and spouse or domestic partner* (You must fill out an Affidavit of Marriage/DP form if you are newly electing this level of coverage.)
  • 2 Adults and Child(ren) – faculty/staff member, spouse or domestic partner*, and one or more children.

*Must qualify for coverage under the Johns Hopkins University Domestic Partner Benefits Policy.