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Group Term Life insurance can protect your family’s financial future from the unexpected loss of your life and income during your working years. Life insurance proceeds can be an important tool in helping your family afford final expenses, such as funeral and medical bills, as well as day-to-day financial obligations.

Your Basic Life Insurance benefit is equal to your base annual salary, rounded to the next lower $1,000; this is covered at no cost to you. You may also purchase Supplemental Life Insurance coverage equal to an additional one times your annual base salary rounded to the next lower $1,000 subject to a maximum of $2,000,000 when combined with basic life. Evidence of insurability approval is required for any Supplemental Life Insurance election greater than $500,000. If you elect, but do not qualify for supplemental life insurance coverage requiring evidence of insurability, your coverage amount will automatically be set to the Basic Life Insurance option only.

You are eligible to enroll in Supplemental Life Insurance benefits following completion of your employment probationary period. If you have not made a request within this timeframe, you will be enrolled in Basic Life Insurance coverage only. Your next opportunity to enroll in Supplemental Life benefits is at the next annual enrollment period or if you experience a qualifying life event.

In addition to Basic Life insurance, the university provides dependent life insurance for your spouse, domestic partner and unmarried dependent child(ren) until end of year dependent turns 26 at no cost. There is no need to enroll in this coverage. It is automatic.

Dependent Life Insurance Coverage
Spouse or Domestic Partner $4,000
Child $2,000 per child