Boundaries & Grant Amounts

JHU employees may be eligible for a Live Near Your Work grant worth up to $17,000 toward a down payment and closing costs. Grant amounts vary by location and are available only in designated areas of Baltimore City. Get maps of eligible areas and details on grant amounts by clicking the tab below.

Boundary Maps

View GOOGLE MAP OF JHU-eligible areas:

You can see all JHU-eligible areas of Baltimore City by viewing this overview map.

Grant Amounts

For JHU employees, grant amounts by area are:

  • Central Baltimore (HCPI, formerly A1): $17,000
  • East Baltimore/Eager Park (formerly A2): $17,000
  • Remington (HCPI) (formerly B1): $10,000 ($5,000 for all employees of JHHS)
  • Better Waverly (formerly B2): $10,000 ($5,000 for all employees of JHHS)
  • All other areas within boundaries: $5,000

Grant amounts will be less applicable withholding taxes.

Featured Neighborhoods

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