Retiree Privileges

As a JHU retiree, you’ll enjoy some of the same privileges, memberships, and other benefits you had while you were an employee—plus a few that are just for retirees.

To ensure you have access to all that we offer, you’ll need a new JHU ID card. You should receive an ID card within one month of your retirement date from the university, but if you don’t—or if you need a replacement card—you can email or call 410-516-2000.

Click the tabs below to learn about privileges offered to JHU retirees.

JHU Email Address

Maintaining a JHU email address is one privilege retirees tell us they love. There are two options that allow you to have a JHU email address in retirement. If you want to maintain your existing email account with full access to your old emails, contacts, etc., your department must agree to sponsor the account. If you do not need full access to your current JHU account but simply want a JHU email address, you do not need your department’s approval.

To maintain your existing email account, with full access: You must request that your department sponsor your email account. Your department must pay a nominal fee to maintain your email account. Please contact your manager or the staff person who handles finances in your department to request that your existing email address be maintained.

To request a JHU email address only, with no departmental approval needed: Please follow the steps below to create an alias JHU email address. An alias email will allow you to link a personal email to a email. For example, if you have a personal email of, you can create a JHU email of Emails sent to either email address will come to so you won’t need to make any changes to your personal email or check two places to find your emails. There might be times when you would like to provide the email and not your Gmail account.

  1. Log in to myJHU
  2. Click on JHED
  3. Click on “Email Alias”
  4. Accept Email Alias
  5. Enter the email address you want linked to your personal email (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  6. Click “Update”
  7. At the bottom of the page, click “Update Now”

If you have questions about setting up your email account, please contact the Help Desk at 410-516-HELP (4357).

screen shot ofmyJHU email alias

As always, be sure to follow JHU’s policies for email use.

JHU License Plates

In-state residents can purchase Maryland or Delaware license plates with the Johns Hopkins seal at a cost of $10 for Delaware and $35 for Maryland. For information or an order form, call Alumni Relations at 410-516-0363.

Tuition Remission

As a university retiree, you are eligible for 100% tuition remission on credit courses, 80% on noncredit courses, and 25% remission on private instruction at the Peabody Institute. Your spouse, same sex domestic partner, and dependent children are eligible for 50% remission for credit and noncredit courses and 25% for private instruction at Peabody.

A maximum of $5,250 for tuition remission for credit courses per family is offered each calendar year for part-time study; the annual maximum for dependents is $2,625. Courses must be offered by one of the university’s academic divisions.

For more information, read all about JHU’s tuition remission program.

Two JHU programs for noncredit courses that we encourage our retirees to explore are:

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins

You and your spouse or same-sex partner are invited to become members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at JHU, a program for retired and semiretired individuals pursuing intellectual enrichment and rewarding cultural and social opportunities.

Programs are offered at the Grace United Methodist Church in Baltimore, the Johns Hopkins Columbia Center, and the Montgomery County Center.

You are eligible to receive 50% remission for annual membership dues; your spouse/same-sex partner is eligible for 25% remission for annual dues.


For more than 30 years, the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences’ noncredit liberal arts program, Odyssey, has been the region’s partner for lifelong learning. JHU retirees receive 80% tuition remission for Odyssey classes, and spouses/same-sex domestic partners receive 50% tuition remission.

To receive tuition remission, you must complete a tuition remission form and submit it to Benefits & Worklife before registering.

Tuition Grant

As a JHU retiree, you are eligible for the Tuition Grant Plan which allows dependent children to receive tuition support for full-time, undergraduate studies at an accredited, degree-granting institution.  For more information, read all about the university’s Tuition Grant Plan.


As a retiree, you’ll have the ability to join or use some of the same resources you enjoyed as an employee. They are:


Retirees are eligible for participation in our LifeMart employee discount program, which offers cost savings on amusement parks, local attractions, travel, and more. You also may be eligible for discounted rates at:

  • Johns Hopkins Technology Store. Some discounts are available. JHED ID required.
  • Wilmer Eye Institute. You and your family members are eligible for a 15% discount on prescription eyewear, frames, lenses, and lens treatments, 10% off nonprescription sunglasses, and 5% off contact lenses for a six-month supply or more. You also can receive a discount of $500 per eye on any laser correction procedure. Call 410-955-9373 for more information and a list of locations. For laser correction procedures, call 410-955-5080 and select option 2.
  • Johns Hopkins Museums. You may receive discounts on tours at Evergreen Museum & Library and Homewood Museum. For information and a schedule of upcoming events, visit the website or call 410-516-0341 for Evergreen Museum or 410-516-5589 for Homewood Museum. Volunteer docents are often needed at both museums, and training is provided.
  • Johns Hopkins University Press. You are eligible for a 25% discount on JHU Press books. To place an order online, use the four-letter code HJAY for discounts. Use the same code to order by phone; identify yourself as a retiree to the customer service representative, and the discount will be applied. For information, visit the JHU Press website or call 410-516-6956.
  • Lacrosse Tickets. Complimentary tickets to all Blue Jays regular season home games are available to retirees upon request, starting each year in February. Retiree ID required. Tickets must be picked up at the Newton White Athletic Center at Homewood. Call 410-516-7490.
  • Performing Arts. You also may be eligible for discounts on tickets to performances by the Hopkins Symphony Orchestra, at Peabody, and in the Shriver Hall Concert Series. Check with each organization about discounts for JHU retirees.

Please note: Privileges extended to retirees are at the discretion of the university or the individual entity offering the privilege.