Staff Development

The Staff Development Remission Plan covers training courses offered by Learning Solutions.


If you are a full- or part-time member of the university faculty or staff (including bargaining unit), you are eligible for work-related training workshops (staff development) with no waiting period. Limited eligibility is also available for temporary or student workers and post-doctoral fellows based on space availability and payment of course cost by the department.

About the Plan

Staff Development allows faculty and staff to attend workshops offered through Learning Solutions. Learning Solutions helps members of the university community develop skills and capabilities that advance organizational, unit, and personal growth.

Faculty and staff must have budget authorization and supervisory approval. Courses for which staff register and attend are charged to Staff Development.

Courses for which staff register, but fail to attend (or cancel with five working days’ notice) are charged to the departmental budget number authorized on the registration form. Departments are responsible for cancellations if a staff member transfers to another department or terminates employment with the university. The one-week notice for cancellation is waived only for emergencies and written documentation is required.