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Do you have communication problems with your supervisor or a coworker? Are you having disagreements with your employee over how things should be done or who should do what? Is your work style and personality incompatible with those of your supervisor or a co-worker? Are you frustrated because when you have something important to say no one listens and you feel ignored? Are you involved in any workplace conflict that you just cannot resolve on your own?


Mediation is a voluntary, private and confidential process to resolve conflict. The goal of mediation is to bring people together with trained mediators in an informal, neutral setting and to enhance communication and understanding. The mediation process will include:

  • Introductions and an explanation of the mediation process
  • An opportunity for participants to speak for themselves and be heard
  • Identification of issues to be resolved in mediation
  • Generation of alternatives for resolution
  • Identifying areas of agreement
  • And, if participants desire, creating a written agreement of their proposed resolution


  • You want to help decide the outcome of a workplace conflict you are experiencing.
  • You want to improve your working relationship with a co- worker or supervisor.
  • You are willing to work toward a solution.
  • You are willing to listen to the other person`s point of view.

To learn more about mediation view the Workplace Mediation Program brochure and Information about the Mediation Process.


To request a session, contact the Unit Based Workplace Mediation Coordinator assigned to your school, academic unit or administrative unit or email us at mediation@jhu.edu.


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