Alternate Location Conditions

Any Johns Hopkins University employee approved for an alternate work location must agree to abide by certain terms and conditions:

Use and Ownership of Equipment

The use of equipment, software, data, supplies, and furniture purchased or provided by Johns Hopkins for use in the alternate work location is limited to authorized persons and for purposes related to business, including self-development, training, and tasks.

Johns Hopkins may choose to purchase equipment and related supplies for use by the staff member or permit the use of the staff member’s personal equipment. The items purchased or provided by Johns Hopkins for staff use remain the property of Johns Hopkins and must be returned upon request or upon resignation, termination, or the onset of long-term disability. Johns Hopkins does not assume liability for loss, damage, or wear of staff-owned equipment.

A detailed list of equipment purchased or provided by Johns Hopkins and of that provided by the employee must be included in the Alternate Work Location Proposal Form. The staff member should contact his or her insurance carrier to determine to what extent the policy covers Johns Hopkins property. If using property belonging to Johns Hopkins, the employee must provide evidence of insurance and the extent of its coverage (attach as addendum to proposal).

Johns Hopkins–owned software may not be duplicated except as formally authorized in compliance with the terms of software licensing agreements. The decision as to the type, nature, function, and quality of electronic hardware, computer software, and data and telecommunications equipment rests solely with Johns Hopkins.

Safety, Security, and Privacy

The employee is expected to take reasonable precautions to protect Johns Hopkins equipment from theft, damage, or misuse. He or she is also responsible for maintaining Johns Hopkins data privacy and security and the confidentiality of records to the same degree as when working at a regular Johns Hopkins work location.

Work-Space Designation

The staff member agrees to designate a work space within the alternate work location for the purpose of placement of equipment to be used for work. The work space will be maintained in a safe condition, free of hazards. Representatives from Johns Hopkins have the right to visit the staff member’s alternate work location to confirm that it meets standards of safety, security, and working conditions. Such visits must be scheduled in advance.

Equipment Failure or Malfunction

In the event of equipment failure or malfunction of Johns Hopkins property, the staff member agrees to notify immediately his or her supervisor and other appropriate parties at Johns Hopkins in order to ensure repair or replacement of equipment, grant access to the designated repair person, and/or arrange transport of the equipment for repair. In the event of a delay in repair or replacement of equipment, the staff member understands that he or she may be asked to report to another Johns Hopkins work location.

When the employee uses personal equipment, software, supplies, and furniture, he or she is responsible for maintenance and repair of these items unless other arrangements have been pre-authorized in writing by the supervisor.

Nonreimbursable Expenses

Johns Hopkins will not reimburse the staff member for alternate work location–related expenses such as heat, light, electricity, or insurance. Out-of-pocket expenses for supplies available through the employee’s department will not be reimbursed. Unless expenses are pre-authorized in writing by the supervisor, the employee will be responsible.

Dependent Care Arrangements

An alternate work location is not considered a dependent care solution. It is recommended that appropriate dependent care arrangements be made as applicable.

Liability for Injuries

The staff member should immediately report and follow up in writing to his or her supervisor and other appropriate parties any job-related accident, injury, or illness associated with any Johns Hopkins work completed in the alternate work location. The staff member understands that he or she is liable for injuries to third persons or to members of his or her family that occur on the staff member’s property.

Tax Implications

It is the staff member’s responsibility to determine any tax implications for maintaining an alternate work location. Johns Hopkins will not provide tax assistance or assume any additional tax liabilities. It is recommended that the staff member contact a qualified income tax professional to discuss income tax implications.

These terms and conditions are also included in the Alternate Work Location Proposal Form. By signing the proposal, an employee agrees to these terms and conditions.