Alternative Work Locations and Schedules Terms & Conditions

Any JHU employee approved for an alternative work location must agree to abide by certain terms and conditions:

Use and Ownership of Equipment

The use of equipment, software, data, supplies, and furniture purchased or provided by JHU for use in the alternative work location is limited to authorized persons and for purposes related to JHU business, including self-development, training, and tasks.

JHU may choose to purchase equipment and supplies for use by the staff member or permit use of personal equipment. If the employee uses personal devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones) to conduct work for JHU, or if they are storing restricted information on their device (for example, PII or PHI), they must follow the Acceptable Use and Security of JH IT Resources Policy and use an encrypted device. Items purchased or provided by JHU for staff use remain the property of JHU and must be returned upon request or upon resignation, termination, or the onset of long-term disability. JHU does not assume liability for loss, damage, or wear of employee-owned equipment.

Software owned by JHU may not be duplicated except as formally authorized in compliance with the terms of applicable software licensing agreements. The decision as to the type, nature, function, and quality of electronic hardware, computer software, and data and telecommunications equipment rests solely with JHU.

The employee is recommended to contact their insurance provider to determine to what extent  JHU property is covered under their insurance policies.

If the employee’s employment with JHU ends, or the alternative work location arrangement is discontinued for any reason, the employee must return all JHU property within a timeframe determined by their manager. The employee should consult their departmental administrator/HR for procedures to return equipment upon termination of the agreement or employment.

Safety, Security, and Privacy

The employee is expected to take reasonable precautions to protect JHU equipment from theft, damage, or misuse. The employee is responsible for maintaining JHU data privacy and security and the confidentiality of records to the same degree as when they are working at an official JHU work location.

Work-Space Designation

The employee agrees to designate a safe, hazard-free space within the alternative work location for the purpose of performing JHU work and storing JHU equipment to be used for work.

Equipment Failure or Malfunction

If equipment failure or malfunction occurs for property provided by JHU, the employee agrees to immediately notify their supervisor and other appropriate parties to ensure the prompt repair or replacement of equipment, to grant access to the designated repair person, and/or to arrange transport of the equipment for repair. If the repair or replacement of equipment is delayed, the employee understands that they may be required to report to another JHU work location or be provided with a temporary equipment replacement.

Reimbursable and Non-reimbursable Expenses

The employee can refer to the Reimbursement Guidelines  and ask their manager/administrator/DBO for more information about office supplies and equipment that are eligible for reimbursement. Laptops are permitted to be transported back and forth between JHU and alternative work locations.

Arrangements for Dependent Care

The employee should make the necessary arrangements for dependent care to ensure that their primary focus is on performing their job as outlined in the arrangement agreement. The university may offer more flexibility during instances of unforeseen circumstances that require the closure or reduced operations of JHU facilities (e.g., pandemic, inclement weather, utility outage, etc.).

Liability for Injuries

The employee should immediately report in writing to their supervisor and other appropriate parties any job-related accident, injury, or illness associated with any JHU work completed in the alternative work location. The employee understands that they are liable for injuries to third persons or to members of their family that occur on their property.

Tax Implications

The employee is responsible for determining any tax implications for maintaining an alternative work location. JHU will not provide tax assistance or assume any additional tax liabilities. The employee is recommended to contact a qualified income tax professional to discuss income tax implications.

Time Reporting & Documentation

The employee must record their alternative work location and/or schedule in the E210 Timekeeping System. If, for any reason, the employee cannot work their scheduled hours while working from an alternative location, all JHU leave policies still apply. The employee should use the appropriate code from the E210 Code Definitions, included in the E210 Timekeeping System, to code any hours not worked.