Benefits & Worklife Departmental Workshops and Webinars

Schedule a workshop for your next staff meeting, work retreat or special event. Most workshop are one-hour in length and must be requested a month in advance of the event date. Workshops are free of charge and will require a minimum of ten employees to schedule. Workshops are organized by Benefits, Family Support Services, Financial Wellness, Health & Wellness, Homeownership and Retirement Planning. Please select workshops from the below catalog and complete a request form. We ask for one month notice to organize your event.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are requesting a stress management topic as a result of a recent incident and or to address a specific issue in your department please first consult with our mySupport Onsite Clinical Team at 443-997-7000.

We ask for one month notice to organize your workshop.  Workshop Request Form


Overview of Benefits & Worklife Programs

Johns Hopkins University offers a robust selection of benefits for its diverse employee population. Understanding all of the benefits can be an overwhelming task, so this overview will guide you through current benefits and workLife programs available to all employees. We want to ensure that you understand how to access your benefits and take full advantage of them to best support the well-being of you and your family. This presentation covers a general overview benefits programs: health insurance, retirement planning and worklife program: family support (i.e lactation support, daycare vouchers and emergency backup care), the Live near Your Work Program, community engagement opportunities, employee recognition and our Lifemart discounts platform.  

Family and Caregiving Programs

 Overview of Family and Caregiving Program

 For full-time Johns Hopkins University faculty, staff, and post-graduate learners — hear about resources available to support you and your family. Learn about offerings from Family and Caregiving Programs to help with finding, selecting, and paying for quality child care, and school age and educational resources. Resources and information for new and expectant parents and caregiving for seniors will also be shared. 


Live Near Your Work: What It Is and How to Apply

Learn the ins and outs of this homebuying grant from the Live Near Your Work program manager. This workshop covers eligibility requirements, steps to apply, homeownership counseling suggestions, an overview of neighborhoods where you can purchase, and the conditions of the program. Attendees will also receive guidance on how to navigate the homebuying process.

Mental Health

All About Johns Hopkins mySupport Employee Assistance Program 

Emotional distress and challenging life events can affect employees’ well-being and  their performance at work.  mySupport, Johns Hopkins’ expanded employee assistance program, provides professional assistance when stress or other concerns impact faculty, staff, and their family members. mySupport services are free and confidential and help employees address problems of daily living and enhance their emotional well-being. mySupport also provides guidance and resources to managers so they can better support their employees. This workshop offers an overview of mySupport’s services, which are available to JHU and JHHS faculty and staff and their family members. 

Helping Managers Recognize and Respond to Depression in the Workplace 

Relationship or work challenges, grief and loss, or local or national crises can leave us feeling blue.  This sadness is a normal part of the human experience. When a range of other symptoms accompany the sadness and last for weeks instead of days, the “blues” may have developed into clinical depression. Depression often impacts multiple areas of life, including productivity and behavior at work. Join a mySupport Clinician to learn about depression, its impact on the workplace, and how managers can help employees whose work performance may be affected by depression. 

Strategies for Managing Stress in Challenging Times 

Too much stress can leave us feeling frazzled and fatigued, whether due to events in our personal lives, changes at work, national crises, or all three. Clinicians from the mySupport Onsite Clinical Team will discuss how Johns Hopkins’ employee assistance program (mySupport) helps stressed employees and their family members, describe common reactions to stress, and share tools for healthy coping. After completing this session, participants will be able to 1) understand the full range of mySupport services; 2) describe the ways stress shows up in our lives; 3) identify tools for healthy coping and thriving during challenging times.  

Promoting Emotional Well-Being in the Workplace  

Clinicians from the mySupport Onsite Clinical Team will share information about the Johns Hopkins’ employee assistance program (mySupport) and strategies for managing stress in a healthy way and for nurturing a psychologically healthy work environment. Clinicians will also explore ways that participants can manage a healthy work-life balance. After completing this session, participants will be able to 1) understand the full-range of mySupport services; 2) recognize how promoting emotional well-being in the workplace benefits everyone; 3) identify strategies for promoting a healthy work environment and managing stress; and 4) discuss ways to manage a healthy work-life mix.  

Understanding and Treating Depression 

Relationship or work challenges, grief and loss, or local or national crises can leave us feeling blue.  This sadness is a normal part of the human experience. When a range of other symptoms accompany the sadness and last for weeks instead of days, the “blues” may have developed into clinical depression, a medical disorder that affects approximately 11 million American adults each year. Join a mySupport Clinician to learn about the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of clinical depression, as well as effective treatment options for you or someone you care about. 


Retirement Planning

Retire Right from Johns Hopkins 

You have focused on planning for your finances in retirement, but have you thought about where you will live? Or how you will spend your time? Relationships, community involvement, and housing are a few of the issues that retirees must think about as they enter this major life transition; recent research shows that the process of actively planning for these changes increases satisfaction in retirement years. Join Work, Life and Engagement staff to learn how to develop a vision for your retirement and avoid common pitfalls. This non-financial retirement planning workshop is appropriate for faculty and staff within 10 years of retirement. 

JHU Retiree Benefits 

This presentation covers the benefits university retirees are entitled to. This includes medical and dental coverage, life insurance, tuition benefits, pension and/or 403b plan, vacation/sick time, and more. 

Workshop FAQ

Benefits & Worklife workshops assist Johns Hopkins employees in managing the competing demands of work, personal life, and academic pursuits. Got questions? We have answers.

Who delivers the workshops?

Workshops are delivered by Johns Hopkins subject matter experts and external field experts, depending on the topic area.

What are the time and place of the workshops?

Workshops are typically 60 minutes. However, they can be modified to meet the needs of your department. Workshops are delivered at a location you reserve and a time that is convenient for your department. For virtual meetings, the department is responsible for providing the speaker with a virtual link.  If an non-Hopkins vendor is conducting the workshop, the vendor will likely provide the virtual link.

How can I request a workshop?

Complete the registration form one month before your desired delivery date. Workshops are offered on a first-come, first-served basis and depend on our ability to coordinate the availability of speakers.

What is the cost of the workshops?

Unless otherwise indicated, there is no cost for the workshops.  If your department is requesting a specialized workshop not listed in the catalog, the department arranges the fee and processes the payment for the speaker.

What other resources are available to help my team?

You may want to contact our Learn & Grow team at Learning@JHU to take advantage of their workshops and consulting services on topics such as team building, group processes, and organizational effectiveness.