Time Off

Time OffDepending on your employment status, your paid time off may include university holidays, accrued vacation, sick leave, and birth recovery and parental leave.

  • Holidays: Wondering which days JHU is closed throughout the year? Or how floating holidays work? Read more about university holidays.
  • Vacation: Learn how your vacation days accrue, when you can take them, and what happens to them when you leave JHU.
  • Sick days: Read about sick leave accrual, including how sick leave is earned, when it may be taken, and what happens to it when you leave JHU.
  • Leave for new parents: Eligible employees are offered fully paid birth recovery leave and parental leave following the birth of a child or adoption of a child younger than 12. Learn more about these leave policies.

Looking for details on other types of leave? You can find information on military leave, funeral leave, and family and medical leave in the JHU Policy & Document Library.