The Future of Work at JHU

JHU will fully support flexible workplace modalities for staff as part of our go-forward plan and will be implementing new programs and initiatives to answer employees’ calls for an improved in-person experience.

Information about the Future of Work at JHU 

Avoid vet bill worries for your pet
You can enroll in JHU's pet insurance program any time of the year—you don't need to wait until Annual Enrollment
WEX filing deadline for 2022 FSA expenses is April 30
Unused funds from $30 to $570 will carry over to 2023; under and over amounts will be forfeited
Grandparents and children playing in autumn leaves

Benefits That Go Beyond the Basics

Medical and prescription drug coverage? Dental insurance? Sure, we have those, but JHU benefits also include options for everything from vision care to car insurance to legal needs. You can also take advantage of flexible spending accounts, tuition assistance, and help with commuting, adoption, dependent care, and other costs. Prepare for your future with our retirement savings programs or improve your present with our robust wellness and support offerings. You’ll even get discounts on Orioles games, Disney theme parks, and more.