Professional Development

You’re learning on the job every day, picking up new skills and adding to your professional experience with every project or task. And while most work-related learning happens this way, professional development really takes off when supplemented by targeted instruction and resources that help you perform better in your current job or move along your projected career path.

Explore Our Offerings

Administrative Skills

We offer a host of administrative skills development courses and resources for anyone wishing to develop expertise, with topics that range from customer service skill-building to business writing to decision-making and analytical thinking, and more. In addition, our specialized Administrative Development Program is a selective, six-month program for high-potential administrative professionals.

Business Skills

We offer a wide range of courses and resources to help you develop or improve your business skills, from communication skills for the professional administrative assistant, to developing emotional intelligence, to estimating and budgeting for projects, and more. Learn more about Business Skills courses. 

LinkedIn Learning

Our partnership with LinkedIn Learning gives you access to more than 13,000 online courses taught by professionals about everything from understanding the foundations of teamwork to the ins and outs of Excel. Learn more about LinkedIn Learning courses. 

Technology Skills

Learn programming languages, master desktop applications and databases, or pick up web design and graphics skills. Our technology courses will prepare you to perform better in the workplace and enhance your career in the digital world. Learn more about the classes that are available.

Did You Know?

If you’re a nonbargaining unit staff member, you’re entitled to a minimum of three full days of training per year. You can choose courses that focus on your current job duties or your professional aspirations to learn new skills, enhance your existing strengths, explore new possibilities, or simply gain a deeper understanding of how Johns Hopkins operates.

Courses you take through JHU are funded as part of your benefits package, so there’s no charge to you, provided you comply with the Terms and Conditions agreement regarding attendance.

If you’re interested in pursuing further education through an accredited college or university, be sure to learn more about JHU’s tuition assistance programs, which can go a long way toward offsetting the cost. You can also contact the JHU Benefits Center to learn more about our tuition assistance benefits.

If you’re a manager, make sure that your staff members know about and use these benefits. Managers should allot time for staff training as part of their annual planning process.