For New Employees

Welcome to JHU! We’re excited you’re part of our community, and we’re ready to help you learn about the programs and resources we’ve put in place to ensure you thrive.

The navigation bar above is the place to go for a complete look at all our practices and programs. In addition, you can use the links below to find information that’s especially applicable to newcomers.

Get Started

Once on board, you’ll need to complete important employment forms, participate in orientation, and enroll in key benefits such as medical and dental. Plus, you’ll want to explore all the other benefits available to you, whether it’s tuition assistance, help buying a home close to work, or discounts on theme parks, sporting events, and more. Start here.

Get Oriented

Learn all you need to know to make your benefits enrollment decisions, and attend a New Employee Benefits Orientation. Be sure to explore the tabs on myJHU, your one-stop shop for connecting within JHU. Included in the portal is the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory, which has all the contact information you’ll need. Check out the icons and categories to see important direct links.

Get Connected

Read the Hub and Hub at Work for the latest Johns Hopkins news, events, and helpful articles on work-related topics. And to ensure you get instant notification of important matters affecting you, such as weather-related events and road closures, be sure to sign up for emergency alerts under the myProfile icon on myJHU.

Once you’re settled into your new job, make sure you take advantage of the learning resources we have to help you develop skills and grow in your career. We have online and classroom courses, videos, and books you can download, and we add more topics and titles all the time.”

Kathy Forbush

Executive Director, Talent Management