Organization Development & Effectiveness

The university’s Organization Development team works with senior leaders to improve systems, develop mechanisms to change behavior, and improve organizational effectiveness. Our clients are the senior leaders and managers of the university who design and oversee organizational systems.

Our Services

Through intensive processes of assessment, goal setting, and evaluation of organizational systems, we can provide leaders with the tools they need to comprehensively evaluate and re-envision their organizations. We also can help address specific needs, such as:

  • Mission and vision development
  • Strategic planning and goal alignment
  • Organization assessment and redesign
  • Workforce planning
  • Role definition and negotiation
  • Work climate assessment
  • Major change-management planning and support
  • Group conflict management and team building
  • Leadership coaching
  • Talent review and succession planning
  • Process analysis and redesign
  • Retreat design and facilitation
When Should You Call?

Leaders can’t afford to ignore issues that detract from their organizations, nor those that could become more serious problems if not handled effectively. The Organization Development team is available to JHU leaders at any time. Situations that might prompt leaders to request help include:

  • Strategic planning for the next three to five years
  • An upcoming change project that will have widespread effect
  • Audits, self-studies, or external reviews that require change
  • A transition of leadership
  • Merging with or splitting from another unit
  • Periods of rapid growth in scope, funding, or size
  • Excessive departures and turnover
  • Excessive conflicts within a group
  • Frustration with too many problems, demands, and challenges
  • Dissatisfaction with results among clients, customers, leaders, or other stakeholders
  • Problems that persist despite changes in individual leaders, faculty, or staff
  • A group that seems to lack a shared set of goals or direction

If you believe your area could benefit from our support, please email Organization Development to see how we might help.