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Our leadership learning programs are designed to develop the skills you need to lead others and to advance professionally. Leadership training courses and resources cover a wide range of topics—from Communicating With Tact and Skill, to Situational Delegation, to Employment Law, and many others.

Our Supervisor, Manager, and Leadership learning programs are based on JHU/JHMs competencies.  Please review the JHU/JHM Leadership Competencies Toolkit.

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Supervisor & Manager Development

If you’re a JHU manager or supervisor, be sure to consider applying to one of our leadership development programs, designed just for you. A competency-based sequence of courses, the program is designed to provide first-line supervisors and managers with the leadership skills they need to advance professionally.

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Leadership Development Program

This yearlong program for nominated supervisors, managers, and leaders is designed to help participants develop the interpersonal and leadership skills needed to lead teams.

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Hopkins Essentials

In additional to developing supervisory and managerial skills, it’s important for leaders at all levels to learn about Hopkins-specific policies and procedures. Our Hopkins Essentials training program (formerly called the Managers and Supervisors Training Program) consists of nine courses designed to provide basic policy information to newly hired faculty and staff, or to faculty and staff recently promoted into a managerial or supervisory position.

All new managers and supervisors—whether newly hired or newly promoted—are required to complete Hopkins Essentials within two years of employment or promotion to the role. (If you took any or all of the courses in the past, you will receive credit.)

NOTE- This certificate and all the courses associated with it is in the process of being re-vamped.  At this time we do not have an ETA.

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For additional information about leadership learning opportunities at JHU, please email [email protected].