Support Programs

two people talkingWe know personal challenges can affect you at work and at home, and mySupport and our other support programs are here to help.

Sometimes it’s the little things—like finding a plumber to fix that leaky sink or a doggie day care to keep your new puppy occupied. Sometimes the issues are bigger and life-challenging, like struggles with depression, drug and alcohol misuse, or financial or legal problems. Whatever your need, mySupport is free, confidential, and at your service.

Coping with COVID information, FAQ’s

Who can help?
The university recognizes that the situation with COVID-19 may be stressful for members of the Johns Hopkins Community, especially those with family and friends who are affected. MySupport counselors are available to faculty, staff, and their household family members at 443-997-7000, option #2, 24/7/365 to assist with emotional support and daily life assistance.

What resources are available to me, my family, my co-workers, and my team?

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Guide. Click here to receive additional information on national health resources, emotional support resources, grocery & meal delivery apps, prescription delivery resources, financial assistance resources, temporary housing needs resources, and resources & articles for remote fitness & health.
  • Coping with COVID-19 Webinar Series. Click here to discover upcoming webinars to help you navigate during these challenges times. Topics include Staying CALM to cope during COVID-19, Challenges for parents during COVID-19, Ways to stay connected during COVID-19, and Ways to relieve stress during COVID-19.
  • Financial Webinar Series. Click here to sign up for two weekly webinar series. Topics include: Budgeting When Income Is Uncertain & Investment Strategies in Volatile Markets.
  • Coping with Coronavirus Fears. It’s normal to feel worried about safety when facing an unknown threat like the COVID-19 virus. Click here for articles on overcoming those fears, ways to stay connected while home, and more.
  • Ways to Stay CALM. Click here for an infographic that gives tips on how to stay calm. You can print for yourself or share with your family, friends, and co-workers.

What about the Calm app?
JHU students, faculty, and staff have free access to the Calm app through August 2020. Members of the JHU community started getting free premium access to the Calm app last year, and 4,000 users have taken advantage of its meditation instruction, sleep assistance, videos on mindful movement and stretching, and relaxing music. Current users can continue their free access uninterrupted. New users will need to create an account at and follow these steps:

  • Use an or email to create the account
  • Click on the confirmation email that is sent to your inbox
  • Download the Calm app from Apple App storeor Google Play, or go to
  • Log in with the email you used to create the account and Calm Premium will be available for free

How can I get emotional support for myself or a family member immediately?
To receive emotional support in the moment, call 443-997-7000, press option #2. You will be connected to a clinician in the moment, who will provide free, confidential, emotional support, and can help you to identify resources and next steps.

If I do not need immediate assistance, what other options do I have for receiving emotional support?

  • Referrals to a licensed clinician in your community for you and your household family members. By calling 443-997-7000, option #2, you can request referrals to licensed clinicians in your area whom you or your family member may see for up to five visits per concern. During COVID-19, sessions are being conducted by televideo or telephonically.
  • Sessions with the mySupport on-site clinical team (previously known as the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP)). You can fill out our request form to request an appointment or by calling 443-997-7000, option #2, you can request to be transferred to the on-site clinical team. This team is made up of licensed clinicians that are also employees of the Hopkins community. Sessions with the on-site team can usually be scheduled within a week, most of the times, sooner. During COVID-19, sessions are being conducted by televideo or telephonically.

What if I am a manager and I am concerned about an employee’s emotional well-being during COVID-19?

  • Consult with mySupport Clinician. The mySupport On-site Clinical Team is the best place to talk about your concerns so that you can receive professional guidance on how to proceed. To consult a mySupport on-site clinician, call 443-997-7000, option #2, 8:30a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. When you call, please clarify that you are a supervisor calling to consult about an employee concern. A member of the mySupport OnSite Clinical Team will hear your concerns and provide recommendations.
  • Refer Employee Directly to MySupport. Managers can direct employees to reach mySupport at 443-997-7000, option #2 or employees can fill out a form to request an appointment.

What if I am a manager and I am concerned about the emotional well-being of my team during COVID-19?
mySupport On-Site Clinical team offers crisis response services. Crisis Response Services available through mySupport, via televideo or telephonically, can help you and your department provide an appropriate response during the COVID-19 crisis and other difficult workplace events that may occur. mySupport provides the following services:

  • Consultations with managers and supervisors to plan a response to staff who are coping with this crisis
  • Staff briefings and tips for coping with the event
  • Small group interventions
  • Virtual outreach to provide initial support and psychological first aid
  • Same-day appointments for crisis victims
  • Individual assessment and referral for emotional problems related to this crisis
  • Virtual departmental briefings for supervisors and tips for supporting employees
  • Resource materials for individuals impacted by this crisis

Coping with COVID, mySupport = More Support

Wednesdays in May,  4 to 5 p.m.

Clinicians from the mySupport Onsite Clinical Team are here to talk to you about the range of mySupport services, and to share simple and effective strategies to reduce anxiety and increase resiliency during COVID-19.

You can reach mySupport 24/7, 365 days a year, by phone at 443-997-7000 or online. For online access, you will need to use the following:  Username: JHU   Password: JHU   There’s even a mobile app, giving you access to mySupport wherever you are.

Click the tabs below to learn more about mySupport.

Emotional Support

Through mySupport, JHU employees and their household family members have free 24/7 access to confidential counseling and referral services for help with stress at work or at home, emotional distress, a difficult life transition, or other challenges. When you call mySupport, a clinician will listen, provide support, and help you identify resources and next steps. If you choose to arrange a televideo or in-person appointment, mySupport will provide referrals to licensed clinicians in your area. Your first five in-person counseling sessions are free and won’t require use of your insurance. You and your family members also can opt for an in-person appointment with a member of mySupport’s OnSite Clinical Care Team, located on various Johns Hopkins campuses.

Daily Life Assistance

Struggling to find that balance between work and home? Let us lighten your load. Through mySupport, you and your household family members have 24/7 telephone access to a daily life assistance counselor who can offer resources and referrals for child care, elder care, pet care, parenting issues—even household help, such as finding a contractor. mySupport’s online services also can help you find services and resources for prenatal care, adoption, emergency care, summer camps, school and college search, and other needs. And mySupport also offers phone and in-person legal services; financial services, such as help with budgeting, managing debt, and tax preparation; and identity theft resolution and consultation.

Managing Cancer at Work

Our Work Stride: Managing Cancer at Work program, offered free of charge to employees, provides support and information for anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis or caring for someone with cancer. The program also helps supervisors learn how to best support employees through a cancer journey.