Workshops & Webinars

The JHU Office of Benefits & Worklife offers an array of workshops for faculty/staff and departments that reflect our programming and the needs of employees. If you are seeking a workshop for your own personal development please see “Workshops for You” or if you are looking for workshops for a department event please see” Workshops for Your Department.”

Workshops for You:

Below are a variety of live and on demand workshops to support you wherever you are in your lifespan, from starting a family to planning for retirement. We hope these workshops provide enrichment, education and tools to help you effectively manage the daily challenges of living and help you to thrive in all areas of your life.

Understanding Your Benefits

Get a head start on your planning for 2021 Annual Enrollment which will take place from October 14 through October 30. Over the coming weeks, the Benefits Service Center will be hosting numerous Virtual Town Halls. Be sure to attend a session to hear what’s new for 2021 and get your benefits questions answered.

Family and Caregiving

  • Family & Caregiving Programs Overview- September 29 Webinar, ON DEMAND

Financial Wellness


Mental Health

  • Coping and Thriving Webinar Series-Through webinars on various topics, we hope to provide tips, tricks, and techniques to help you cope, heal and thrive through the crises we face.
  • Aetna Resources for Living webinars – Please find an array of recorded and live webinars on topics to support you and your family. To access use:Username: JHU Password: JHU

Health &Wellness   

  • I want to Start Working Out, Where Do I Start?   Thursday, October 22, 4:00-5:00pm  REGISTER HERE                                                                          A great way to not only improve your physical fitness, but to boost your mood is to have a regular fitness routine. However often it’s hard to know where to begin. The one hour webinar will assist you with setting a plan and goals for starting their fitness journey.
  • Positive Change: Achieving the Goal of Becoming a Non-Smoker   Tuesday, November 3, 4:00- 5:00 PM   REGISTER HERE                                 This class will serve as an introduction to a more positive approach that by deciding to become a non-smoker you are gaining and choosing to become a person who no longer chooses to smoke. The myths and realities of nicotine addiction will be reviewed, and how those views can hold us back from achieving the goal of becoming a non-smoker. If you are not able to attend this session it will be recorded.
  • What is Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes?  Tuesday, November 10, 4:00 – 5:00pm    REGISTER HERE
    This webinar will help you recognize the signs and symptoms of pre-diabetes and diabetes Type 2. An understanding of how insulin and sugar work together in the body will help guide you in understanding what is going on. If you are not able to attend this session it will be recorded.


  • Live Near Your Work: What are the Rules and How to Apply, August 25, 2020  ON DEMAND   Access Passcode: *LY.70^Z

Retirement Planning


Workshops for your Department

Schedule a workshop for your next staff meeting, work retreat or special event. Most workshop are one-hour in length and must be requested a month in advance of the event date. Workshops are free of charge and will require a minimum of ten employees to schedule. Workshops are organized by Benefits, Family Support Services, Financial Wellness, Health & Wellness, Homeownership and Retirement Planning. Please select workshops from the below catalog and complete a request form. We ask for one month notice to organize your event.