Diversity and Inclusion Training

“Our community must remain open to—and inclusive of—all. A rich diversity of people, background, experience, and thought is central to our work; to our missions of education, research, and service; and to our commitment to freedom of inquiry and expression.”

Ronald Daniels

President of JHU
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In support of the Johns Hopkins Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion, which articulates the university’s commitment to the equal dignity and worth of all persons, Talent Management has put together various resources.

Below you will find three ways to learn about diversity: instructor-led courses, e-courses, and videos.

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Diversity at JHU
Diversity @ JHU
Our vision for diversity at Johns Hopkins is for our community to reflect the broad array of human differences found in our society at large. The achievement of this ideal will depend on our ability to create and nourish an environment and culture where people from all backgrounds feel valued, engaged, and empowered to succeed.
OIE Website
Office of Institutional Equity
Every member of the Johns Hopkins University community deserves equal access to the abundant educational and employment opportunities we offer. The Office of Institutional Equity coordinates ongoing efforts to make the campus accessible and to make JHU programs available to everyone.
Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity
Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity
Equal treatment for all is one of the values on which this institution was founded. In an 1873 letter, Mr. Johns Hopkins wrote that the Johns Hopkins Hospital must care for “the indigent sick of this city and its environs, without regard to sex, age, or color.” We take this charge to heart.