JHU offers several medical plan options for you and your family, each of which includes prescription drug coverage. The plans vary in terms of cost, coverage, and providers that you’re able to see, and eligibility varies based on your employment status.

Eligibility and Coverage

Employee Eligibility

The following employees are eligible to enroll in JHU’s medical plans:

Eligible Employees Schedule
Full-time faculty and staff Works:

  • A minimum of 28 hours per week on a regularly scheduled basis (75% or more of full-time equivalent annual salary)
Part-time faculty and staff Works:

  • More than 19 hours, but no more than 28 hours per week (less than 75%, but at least 51% of full-time equivalent annual salary)
Limited-time faculty and staff Works either:

  • A regular schedule of 28+ hours per week, and 987 hours in a 6-month period, or
  • A variable schedule of 28+ hours per week, and 987 hours in a 12-month period
Part-time instructors Works:

  • More than 30 hours per week on average

Hours worked are computed using the equivalency method of 2.25 hours per each classroom-based teaching hour, plus any additional hours for required activities (e.g., advising, required attendance at faculty meetings). Non-classroom-based teaching activities, such as one-on-one instruction, are based on actual hours.

LiUNA Bargaining Unit employees Works either:

  • Full-time: 30 hours or more per week
  • Part-time: 20 hours or more per week
Non-Eligible Employees Schedule
Casual employees Works either:

  • As needed: A maximum of 27 hours per week, and 987 hours in a 12-month period, or
  • Seasonal: A maximum of 27 hours per week, but 120+ days (or 987 hours) in a 12-month period
Dependent Eligibility

Eligible dependents include:

  • Your legally married spouse or domestic partner
  • Your children through the end of the year in which they turn age 26
  • Children age 26 or older who cannot support themselves (certification of disability is required; contact Quantum Health or Kaiser Permanente for more information)

Eligible children include biological, adopted or children placed with you for adoption, stepchildren, your domestic partner’s children, or children for whom you have been appointed legal guardian.

To enroll eligible dependents, you will need to submit dependent documentation, including marriage license and affidavit of domestic partnership. Domestic partners must qualify for coverage under the Johns Hopkins Domestic Partner Benefits Policy.

Coverage Levels
  • Individual – self
  • 1 adult and child(ren) – self + one or more children
  • 2 adults – self + spouse or domestic partner
  • 2 adults and child(ren) – self + spouse or domestic partner + one or more children