Managing Cancer at Work

At least one in three adults in the U.S. will develop cancer in their lifetime, which means that employees may face a cancer diagnosis or care for a loved one with cancer while continuing to work. A Hopkins program, Work Stride: Managing Cancer at Work is available free of charge as a benefit to JHU employees.

Managing Cancer at Work is a program designed specifically to meet the needs of employees who want to be proactive in preventing cancer, and those who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis or caring for someone with cancer. It also has information designed specifically for supervisors on how to best support employees through a cancer journey.

Managing Cancer at Work includes two components: expert and personal support from nurse navigators, and web-based education and resources.

  • A nurse navigator is available by telephone to provide confidential guidance to employees on medical and work issues while being treated or when serving as a caregiver, as well as access to support groups and other resources. To speak with the nurse navigator, call 410-955-6229 or emailĀ
  • The Managing Cancer at Work website provides comprehensive information and videos for employees, covering topics such as types of cancer, screening, prevention, and caregiver education. A separate portal on the website is available for managers, offering guidance and resources for supporting and managing employees who have cancer or are caring for someone with cancer.