Salary & Career Growth

smiling man, talking in business settingJHU’s compensation program rewards staff for individual accomplishments and contributions, increased skills and competencies in their current job, and making meaningful and significant job changes.

Types of Increases

Staff members are eligible for a merit increase annually. Merit increases are based on performance during the previous year and the salary increase budget available within the division or department. Performance is reviewed according to the current job description and accomplishments of goals and objectives.

Developmental Increase

Offered to staff members who have added or improved skills and competencies in their current job. A developmental increase involves advance communication between an employee, the employee’s manager, the HR business partner, and the compensation analyst to determine meaningful milestone achievements and targeted salary growth. This process provides managers with a process that recognizes a staff member’s increased value to the university and in the marketplace, even when reclassification to another job isn’t an appropriate option.

Market-Based Promotional Increase

Offered to staff members who have made a meaningful change to a new job with increased responsibilities and higher pay in the market.

Contribution-Level Promotional Increase

Awarded to staff members who make a significant job change by moving to a job that has a higher contribution level to the university and a higher salary range.

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