Page Settings

The settings listed below are available per page.

Sidebar Settings

Page Attributes - Parent

Use this drop down to chose the parent page of the page you are creating/editing. This is important to maintain organization of the pages and is also how child page navigation is determined.

Page Attributes - Template

This dropdown contains page templates. Most are specifically intended for the area for which they are named. Default is the normal page layout and will include the sidebar with child navigation. You may also choose “No Sidebar” which will give you a page without a sidebar at all. Most all pages should be left on the “Default” page template.

Page Attributes - Sidebar Buttons

Sidebar Buttons will use a WordPress Menu. Select the WordPress Menu from the dropdown where you set up your button links. Child pages of this page will also use the same button menu selected as long as that child page doesn’t have it’s own setting defined.

Page Attributes - Shared Quick Links Menu

You can choose a Shared Quick Links Menu from the dropdown. Shared Quick Links Menus are managed in the Shared Quick Links Menu content type and should include links to important information relevant to users within this section.

Exclude from Navigation

Turn this option on if you do not want this page showing in it’s parent, child menu.

Example: Form thank you page. You would not want “Thank You” showing in the child menu but would still want the page to be a child of the page the form is on.

Settings Below Editor

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that is used to help optimize your site for Search Engine Optimization. In the section found here in the page settings, you can tailor how Search Engines see this page, and also look over any tops Yoast might have on how you can improve this page better. Please see the Yoast Documentation for full instructions on how to use this section.

Quick Links Menu

The Quick Links menu section will allow you to add quick links to the sidebar of your page. The links set here will only be displayed on the page you are editing. If you wish to create a quick links menu that can be used across multiple pages, please see the “Shared Quick Links Menu” setting.