New Managers

Whether you’re new to JHU or are moving for the first time into a management or supervisory position, you’ll want to be familiar with the programs, policies, and services that will help you best manage your direct reports.

Some links that will help:

Time and absence management: Learn about your role in ensuring the accuracy of time and attendance data, our policies and practices on sick and vacation leave, and the Family Medical Leave Act.

Salary administration: Start here to better understand our role- and contribution-based classification system, pay policies and practices, and more.

Performance management: Our performance management process creates dialogue—both verbal and written—between managers or supervisors and employees regarding job performance expectations and results. Check out our courses, books, podcasts, TED talks, and tools for effective performance conversations.

School of Medicine manager information: If you’re a School of Medicine manager or supervisor, make sure you’re familiar with special policies, procedures, and guidelines that apply to you.

Leaving JHU: Understand our policies and practices for handling resignations, terminations, and reinstatements/rehires.

Looking for more? Get more resources for Managers & Supervisors, including  skills development and strategic support.