Delta Dental Plans

The university offers two PPO options administered by Delta Dental. These plans allow you the ability to choose the dental coverage that best fits your needs, including optional orthodontia benefits.

  • Delta Dental Core DPPO Plan: This lower-cost plan includes coverage for preventive/diagnostic services, with higher cost share for basic and major services and no orthodontia coverage.
  • Delta Dental Enhanced with Orthodontia DPPO Plan: This higher-cost plan includes enhanced basic and major services, as well as orthodontia coverage.

Some of the features of the plans are outlined below.

Delta Dental Core DPPO Plan Delta Dental Enhanced with Orthodontia DPPO Plan
Calendar Year Deductible Single: $75
Family: $150
Single: $50
Family: $100
(plan pays)
100%, no deductible 100%, no deductible
(plan pays)
70% after deductible 90% after deductible
(plan pays)
50% after deductible 60% after deductible
(plan pays)
Not covered 50% after deductible (child and adult)
Annual Maximum Benefit
(per covered member)
$1,000 $2,000
Lifetime Maximum Benefit for Orthodontia
(per covered member)
Not covered $2,000

Though you may use any dentist, you will generally pay less for in-network providers. To see if your dentist participates in the network or to find a dentist:

  • Go to or call 800-932-0783.
  • Click the Find a Dentist tool on the right. Enter a location.
  • Select the “Delta Dental PPO” or “Delta Dental Premier” network from the drop-down menu:
    • Delta Dental PPO: These dentists have agreed to reduced fees, so you won’t get charged more than your expected share of the bill.
    • Delta Dental Premier: If you can’t find a PPO dentist, Delta Dental Premier dentists offer the next best opportunity to save, as these dentists have agreed to set fees.
  • For a more targeted search, you can enter the name of your dental office.