CareFirst Limited PPO Plan

The CareFirst Limited PPO Plan is available to limited-time faculty and staff members, as well as part-time instructors. If you are eligible for this plan, you will be notified by email of your options for enrollment.


Contact Quantum Health care coordinators at 844-460-2801, Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Access the Quantum Health member portal

The CareFirst Limited PPO Plan for limited-time faculty, staff, and part-time instructors, is administered by Quantum Health. The medical portion of the plan is on the BlueChoice Advantage PPO Network from CareFirst, and prescription drug coverage is managed by Capital Rx.

In-Network Benefits

CareFirst Limited PPO Plan

Annual Deductible $3,000 individual
$6,000 family
Medical Out-of-Pocket Maximum $5,000 individual
$10,000 family
Physician Services (medical and surgical) Deductible, then 50%
Preventive care $0
Emergency Room Deductible, then 50%
Outpatient Hospital Deductible, then 50%
Inpatient Hospital Deductible, then 50%

In-Network Benefits 

Prescription Drug  (managed by Capital Rx)

Prescription Deductible Integrated with medical
Prescription Out-of-Pocket
Integrated with medical
Prescription Drugs: retail

(up to 30-day supply)

Generic: Deductible, then $10
Formulary brand: Deductible, then $30
Non-formulary brand: Deductible, then $60
Prescription Drugs: mail order

(up to 90-day supply)

Generic: Deductible, then $25
Formulary Brand: Deductible, then 20%, $120 max
Non-formulary brand: Deductible, then 25%, $250 max

Additional information for this plan can be found in the Summary of Benefits and Coverages.

Find Providers

Click on the link below to search for in-network CareFirst providers. You’ll need to enter the prefix: JHU.

Provider Search (Prefix: JHU)

Cost of Coverage

Premiums for the CareFirst Limited PPO plan are paid to WEX on a monthly basis. Your monthly premium will depend on the coverage level you select. Please refer to the cost of coverage chart to determine the cost to you each month.

2024 Faculty and Staff Premiums