Delta Dental Plan

Beginning in 2018, the University is offering a dental plan through Delta Dental. The plan delivers benefits based on a table of allowances that provides a fixed dollar benefit for each dental service. Using a provider in Delta’s network reduces costs due to the negotiated fees.

Services Student Plan Allowances*
Annual Maximum $1,500
Plan Year Deductible (waived for preventive services) $50 individual/ $150 family
Diagnostic & Preventive Services
  • Periodic Oral Exam – established patient: $22
  • Bitewings (two diagnostic images): $30
  • Prophylaxis (cleaning): $65
Basic Services
  • Amalgam fillings, two surfaces: $65
  • Amalgam fillings, three surfaces: $81
Endodontics Root canal, (anterior – excluding final restoration): $310
Periodontics Periodontal scaling and root planning: $92
Oral Surgery Extraction, erupted tooth or exposed root: $60
Major Services Crown, porcelain fused to high noble metal: $276

*Allowances specified above represent only a few examples from your plan’s table of allowances.

For more information about benefits or to access a complete list of in-network providers near you, visit or call 800-932-0783.

Dental Plan Enrollment

All students now have access to vision and dental plans. If you are a PhD student and your department currently pays the premiums for your medical insurance, you will also receive vision and/or dental at no additional charge, and you will be automatically enrolled in the plan(s). To retrieve your ID card and/or search for a provider, please visit and register with your student ID as your member number.