Resources & Cost of Coverage

In-Network medical providers: Your medical insurance carrier, Wellfleet (formerly called CHP) uses the Cigna network of providers.  For a listing of Cigna PPO Providers, go to or contact Wellfleet at 877-657-5044 or for assistance.

Counseling Center can assist you with most mental health concerns free of charge, or refer you to the appropriate community provider. Please visit their website at or call 410-516-8278.

Prescription Drug benefits: Wellfleet, formerly CHP, is now working with Express Scripts International (ESI) for management of their prescription drug program.

For a list of the prescription drugs and the tier that describes how they will be paid under the plan, click here.

For a list of preventive medications with a $0 copay, click here.

Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) provides most routine health services at no cost and can assist you with specialty referrals as needed. Please visit their website at call 410-516-8270.

The Office of International Services (OIS) assists international students with visas and immigration. Please visit their website at or call 667-208-7001.

Traveling internationally for the university? Visit the Travel page via to register, book flights and hotels, or get access to emergency services while studying abroad.

Annual Cost of Coverage for 2022-2023

Insured Cost
Medical- Student $2,482
Medical- Spouse/Domestic Partner $4,405
Medical- One Child $2, 037
Medical- Two or More Children $2,738
Delta Dental- Student $244.13
Delta Dental- Spouse/Domestic Partner $462.48
Dental- Two or More Dependents $703.07
Vision- Student and Dependents $59