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Congratulations! You have successfully completed Homeownership Counseling and the offer you made on a home is accepted! It is now time to apply for a LNYW grant. Do not start this application unless you have completed Homeownership Counseling and made an offer on a home.

Apply for a Grant

To get started, register for an account using your e-mail as your username. You will need to attach copies of your counseling certificate and ratified sales contract during the online application process.

You may save and revisit your application at any time before submitting it. That said, only start an application if you:

  1. Have completed homeownership counseling class AND one-on-one, and
  2. Have a ratified contract of sale on a home

Important note: It takes 30 days to process a LNYW grant application. This means a projected settlement date should be no less than 30 days from when a complete application is submitted. There is no guarantee that applications with less than 30-day projected settlement dates will be met. Please email the program manager with any questions regarding your settlement timeline. The 30 day time frame is required so that both the employer (Johns Hopkins) and the City of Baltimore can approve and process an application. This is to ensure the Hopkins portion of the grant, along with the City’s matching amount, is available by the projected settlement date.

The LNYW program manager will contact you with “next steps” once your Johns Hopkins application and documentation are received.