Icon Row

How to Use
  • Icon Rows are used to visually draw attention to important links or information pertaining to the page content.
  • There are 11 different categories of icons that may be selected that help highlight content related to important dates or times, contact information, file or resource links, and general alerts (see examples below).
How to Build

Make sure you are using the “backend editor” to build out the component.

  1. Click the Add New Element plus icon to add a component to the page.
  2. An Add Element window will appear, choose the Icon Row option.
  3. The settings dialog box will appear. Fill in the content field and select the desired icon from the list. Refer to the examples below for icon reference.
  4. Click Save changes.
Content Guidelines
  • Icon Rows should be used to highlight a very specific need or purpose.
  • Limit text length to no more than three sentences.


Icon Row with Profile Card icon.
Icon Row with Clock icon.
Icon Row with Bookmark icon.
Icon Row with Pencil icon.
Icon Row with Information icon.
Icon Row with Calendar icon.
Icon Row with Phone icon.
Icon Row with Paperclip icon.
Icon Row with PDF icon.
Icon Row with University icon.
Icon Row with Podcast icon.
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