Website Manual Terminology

This section includes terminology used throughout the Website Manual.

Terms are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • Administrator: The highest-level user role within WordPress. For the Human Resources website, this user is the only user that can modify the main menu or add/edit users.
  • Back-End: All the pages that control your site’s options and settings are collectively called Administration Screens and make up the back-end.
  • Child Page: These pages are sub-pages found below their Parent Page. These compile to create interior menus found under Parent Pages throughout the website.
  • Dashboard (i.e. WordPress Dashboard): The main administration screen within the WordPress back-end.
  • Front-End: In a nutshell, the front-end is that part of the website that’s visible to the public when they visit your site.
  • Left WordPress Menu: Once you are logged into WordPress and viewing the WordPress dashboard, this Left WordPress Menu will be visible on the left hand side of all pages.
  • Main Menu Option: The main menu options are the titles and links included along the top of the website for navigation.
  • Media: Includes PDF documents, images, videos, etc. and are found within the Media Library.
  • Page Editor: Once you are logged in and start creating a page or select a page to edit, you will see the page editing screen. This screen and the options available in it will change depending on the page template that is being used for the page.
  • Parent Page: A page that is a higher level page than the Child Page (i.e. sub-pages) included below it. This controls the menu options found on the website.
  • Permalink: This is the automatically created URL included for each website Page and Media option.
  • Plugin: A plugin is a piece of software that extends functionality or adds specific features to WordPress.
  • Right Menu: Right menus are found on the right side of most editing screens in WordPress. They are normally white boxes that are titled per their function. Each group will be referenced in the manual by their group title.

For more terms, feel free to visit the WordPress Glossary of Terms.