Lactation Support

Pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, surrogacy and loss are all major life transitions. Johns Hopkins knows that continuing to chest or breastfeed, or exclusively pump after returning to work or study requires extra planning, patience and support. The Johns Hopkins Lactation Support Program helps make the transition back to work or study easier so you can express milk for as long as it is the best choice for you and the beneficiaries of your milk.

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Lactation Rooms

Lactation rooms are located throughout our campuses for employees who need a private space to express milk while at work. Register to use a room, learn what you’ll find when you get there, and explore the various pump options that are available. Click below to explore the list of lactation rooms, learn more about personal & hospital-grade pumps, accessory kits, and our Lacstation™ vending machines, as well as download printable room signs and schedules.

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Employee Resources

Click below for more information on how to transition from work to leave as well as returning to work or study. Additional tips and resources are also listed, in addition to COVID-19 specific resources.

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Supervisor Resources

Employees needing to express milk while at work have pretty basic needs. As a supervisor, you play a vital role in creating and providing a supportive environment.

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Lactation Policy

Explore Johns Hopkins policies regarding lactation accommodations and leave in addition to applicable federal and state laws.

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