Options for Reimbursement

Wex makes managing your FSA expenses and reimbursement easier by providing convenient reimbursement options.

  • Benefits Debit Card: Swipe the debit card to instantly pay for eligible expenses and avoid out-of-pocket costs.  You may use the card to pay your doctor or other provider directly, and to pay for eligible health care expenses at qualified merchants. To view a list of qualified merchants, go to sig-is.org/card-holders/store-locator.
  • Online Account: You can also file a claim and submit documentation through your online account.  File a claim by clicking the “File a Claim” button within the “I Want To” menu on the homepage.  To upload documentation through your online account, log in and follow the prompts you see in the “Receipts Needed” menu under the Home tab.
  • Benefits Mobile App: Download the free mobile app by WEX on your Apple or Android device. The mobile app is the quickest and easiest method for filing claims and submitting documentation for your FSA purchases.  You use your phone’s camera to take pictures of the documentation and upload it on the spot.
  • Claim Form: You pay the provider directly and complete an Out-of-Pocket Reimbursement Request Form for reimbursement along with your receipts via fax or mail. If you sign up for direct deposit, you’ll get reimbursed faster, as the money will be deposited straight into your bank account.  You may also receive a check reimbursement.
  • Recurring Dependent Care Request Form: You will only need to submit one reimbursement form per year for each daycare provider used.  The form is available at wexinc.com.

Note: It is important that you save all your receipts since documentation will be required to substantiate a claim. If you do not have a receipt, you may not receive reimbursement.