Flexible Spending Accounts

Update to Flexible Spending Accounts

For the 2022 plan year, a minimum balance of $30 up to $570 in your Health Care FSA or Limited Purpose FSA will carry over into 2023. You will be able to see this carryover after the 2022 claims filing deadline of 4/30/23 by viewing your account at www.wexinc.com.

FSA Depdent Care FamilyFlexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) help you save money by allowing you to deduct tax-free dollars from your pay to cover certain health and dependent care expenses you incur during the year.

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**username and email for registration is JEDID@johnshopkins.edu


We offer a Health Care Flexible Spending Account and a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account-both are administered by WEX. You may participate in one or both plans; you decide how much you wish to contribute up to the maximum allowed amount. You must enroll each year during annual enrollment to renew your participation in these accounts. You can only make changes at annual enrollment or when you experience a qualified life event.

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