Sick Leave Accrual

Sick leave is available to eligible JHU staff and bargaining unit members. How much sick leave you accrue depends on a variety of factors. To get our complete sick leave policy, please go to the JHU Policy & Document Library.

For highlights of our policy, click the tabs below. Sick leave policies for bargaining unit members appear in the agreement between the JHU and Local 572.

Earning Sick Leave

Full and part-time staff members accrue sick leave at the rate of up to one (1) day per month to a maximum of 90 days. Sick leave is accrued on a pro-rata basis for individuals whose weekly work schedule falls below the full time maximums of 35 (SAIS only), 37.5 or 40 hours per week.

Limited-time, temporary, and casual staff members do not accrue sick leave. 

A staff member accrues sick leave in the same month that they begin employment in either a full or part-time capacity. The leave is available for use in the same month that it is earned.

Taking Sick Leave

Staff members who must be absent due to illness or injury, pregnancy, or dental or medical appointment must notify their supervisor or designee in accordance with department procedures. Staff members may be required to furnish a written physician’s statement.

Maryland Flexible Leave Act: A staff member who must be absent due to the illness or injury of an immediate family member or to accompany an immediate family member to a dental or medical appointment can charge the absence to accrued leave (sick, vacation, or floating holiday). Staff members absent on paid sick leave continue to accrue sick leave and vacation. University holidays occurring during sick leave are not charged to sick leave. If a staff member is on sick leave and the university officially closes, the time the university is officially closed will not be charged to accrued sick leave. However, the university must be officially closed for at least one half day.

Other Sick Leave Facts

Wondering what happens to sick leave under various scenarios?

  • Staff members transferring from one department to a staff position in another department within the university retain their accrued sick leave.
  • Staff members transferring from a benefits-eligible status to a non-benefits-eligible status, faculty position, appointed position, or student classification will lose accrued sick leave.
  • At termination, staff members are not paid for unused accrued sick leave.
  • Staff members terminated for lack of funds or abolishment of position and rehired within a 12-month period are credited with unused sick leave outstanding at the time of termination.
  • Support and senior staff who qualify as a retiree of the university can convert accrued, unused sick leave in excess of 45 days of accrual to cash payment. The maximum number of sick leave days that can be accrued is 90 days, and the maximum number that can be converted to cash payment is 45 days.
  • A staff member who has been employed for one continuous year in a benefits-eligible status and resigns in good standing will be eligible to have credited unused sick leave outstanding at the time of the termination if the staff member returns to a benefits-eligible position within six months of termination date.