Required Continuing Education Courses

The university provides support for JHU and outside courses, conferences, and seminars to eligible faculty and staff for continuing education (CE) required for the employee to maintain a job-required professional certification or license.


Faculty and staff qualify after completing 120 days of full-time employment, and continue in a full-time position that requires a license regulated by the state/state board.

Visiting faculty and staff, residents, interns, postdoctoral fellows, retirees, spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children are not eligible.

About the Program

Courses must be required for the employee to maintain a job-required professional certification or license regulated by the state licensing board, and must be a credit or noncredit course that provides or can be translated to continuing education units to be eligible. Documentation of attendance and Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits earned must be provided.

Full-time faculty and staff receive 100% remission via a fund transfer to their department for successfully completed and approved outside courses, conferences and seminars. There is no annual dollar limit or reduction of annual limits for approved continuing education courses at JHU or outside of JHU.


Reimbursements for job-required continuing education earning CME credit are not taxed.

How to Participate

Courses outside of JHU can be paid for by the faculty/staff member or the department. Once the documentation below is submitted and approved, the department will be credited. If paid by the faculty or staff member, they will be reimbursed by their department.

Submit a signed Tuition Remission for Required Continuing Education Courses Application along with the following information to the Benefits Service Center:

  • The Tuition Remission Benefit Application with the department budget number included;
  • A copy of the paid receipt reflecting form of payment for the workshop;
  • A copy of the certificate of attendance with CME credits indicated;
  • A copy of the JHU job description to show that the staff member’s position requires a license or certification that is regulated by the state/state board. Faculty members do not need to include job descriptions.

Documentation of successful completion must be provided within one year of the date that the course was completed.