SAP/Finance Skills

SAP is and enterprise-wide suite of applications used to process all financial and administrative transactions. Every employee with financial or administrative responsibilities should know how to access and process financial transactions in SAP keeping with our policies and procedures. For training opportunities, the best starting point is our Financial Program Sequence document.

Additional training categories are:

Research Administration Training Program

Since 2008, JHU has offered a training program to help bolster the administrative skills needed to manage sponsored funding at the university. There is a program for existing staff (applications due Oct. 1, 2019) and another for full-time applicants new to JHU.

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SOM Research Administration Boot Camp

The School of Medicine’s Fundamentals of Research Administration Boot Camp is a training program for new staff entering the field of grants and contracts management. Offered three times a year, the program is designed for sponsored research staff who have been in their position for one to three months, have an understanding of their department role, and will benefit from additional knowledge and practice. It requires a commitment of 12 days away from the office.

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