Vision Coverage

Vision coverage is provided through EyeMed. Here are some of the highlights of the EyeMed Vision Plan:

Plan Features EyeMed Vision Plan
Eye exam You pay $10 copay (once yearly)
(single-vision, lined bifocal, lined trifocal, lenticular)
 You pay $20 copay (once yearly)
Frames $150 allowance (once yearly)
Contact lenses (in lieu of frames and lenses)
Elective contact lenses
Medically necessary contact lenses
$150 allowance
100% (plan pays)
Laser vision correction 15% discount

To find out if your provider participates in the EyeMed network, go to

Free Biennial Adult Eye Examination

You and your eligible dependents age 18 and older who are enrolled in the CareFirst Core PPO Plan or the CareFirst Enhanced PPO Plan are eligible for a free eye exam every two years by a selected School of Medicine Wilmer Eye Institute provider in the Baltimore area. The comprehensive eye exam will consist of a routine eye exam and complete visual system exam. Call 410-955-5080 to schedule an appointment.

Note: Eyeglasses and fitting or dispensing new contact lenses are not included in the routine eye exam and are not covered by the university medical plans; however, you may enroll in the EyeMed Vision Plan.

Save on vision expenses by selecting a Health Care FSA. Or, if you’re enrolled in the HDHP and use an HSA, you can select a Limited Purpose FSA to pay for vision care with tax-free dollars.