Other Benefits That Support Your Well-Being

Johns Hopkins University offers a number of programs and resources designed to support you in all aspects of your life. You can enroll and access these benefits anytime throughout the year.

  • The 403(b) retirement plan (TIAA) lets you set aside pretax or after-tax money for your future through convenient payroll deductions.
  • MMA’s Prosper Wise is a digital financial planning platform that connects you with your own financial coach and tools to help you manage your financial well-being.
  • Family and caregiving programs provide help finding care plus backup child and elder care services when your regular arrangements aren’t available. There are also services that help you find group care and babysitting, vouchers to help pay child care for children ages 0–5, and several child care partners with which Hopkins affiliates have preferred admission.
  • Healthy at Hopkins gives you access to programs to help with physical fitness, weight loss, stress management, cancer support, and care management.
  • The Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program (JHEAP) provides practical, around-the-clock support and assistance to help you manage your daily life. You and members of your household can access up to six free confidential counseling sessions and referral services per year. Get help with home or work stress, emotional distress, a difficult life transition, or other challenges.
  • Tuition grants and assistance help put the power of higher education in reach for you, your spouse or partner, or your dependent children.