The BlueChoice HMO is a managed health care plan consisting of a network of physicians and other medical providers. If you enroll in the BlueChoice HMO, all of your health care must be coordinated and approved by your primary care physician and received in-network.

Note: As announced last year, the BlueChoice HMO plan (available to current participants only) will be phased out as of January 2023 for non-bargained employees. It will continue to be available to bargaining unit employees.

Some of the features of the BlueChoice HMO Plan for current faculty & staff participants are outlined below. Additional details for faculty & staff as well as bargaining unit members are available in the 2022 Faculty & Staff Medical Plan Coverage Comparison Chart and the 2022 BU Medical Plan Coverage Comparison Chart.

Plan Benefits You Pay…
Annual Deductible $0
Preventive care (physical exams and well baby) $0
Physician Services (office visits) $20 PCP copay; $35 specialist copay
Physician Services (inpatient) $0
Emergency care $100 Emergency Room copay (waived if admitted)
Urgent care $50
Hospital copay per inpatient admission $250
Hospital service benefits $0 after $250 hospital copay
Outpatient surgery $100 copay
Vision Care $10 copay for annual eye exam
Plan Year Maximums
Annual Maximum Benefit None
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum $2000 per person
$6000 per 3 or more persons