CareFirst BCBS Indemnity

The CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Plan is a traditional indemnity plan. This means that you meet a deductible first, and then you pay a portion of the cost (your coinsurance) when you use most medical services. There are two networks available, the JHU Preferred Physician Network and CareFirst’s PPO Network; however you can always visit providers outside of the plan network. You pay less for care when you use JHU’s special Preferred Physician Network.

Here are some of the features of the CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Plan. For more information, refer to the 2020 Faculty & Staff Medical Plan Coverage Comparison Chart or 2020 BU Medical Plan Coverage Comparison Chart and the Summary Plan Description(SPD).

Plan Benefits You Pay…
Annual Deductible $500 per person
$1,500 per 3 or more persons*
Physician Services (office visits and medical/surgical) $0 for JHU Preferred Physician Network provider**
(after deductible)
20% for all other providers (after deductible)
Preventive care (physical exams and well baby) $0
Emergency care Facility: $100 copay (waived if admitted)
Physician: 20% (after deductible)
Urgent care $50
Hospital copay per inpatient admission $250
Hospital service benefits 20% after deductible and $250 hospital copay
Outpatient surgery Facility: $0
Physician: 20% after deductible
Biennial Adult Eye Exam (Wilmer Eye Institute School of Medicine Network Provider only)
Call 410-955-5080 to schedule.

Eyeglasses, new contact lenses, and dispensing of contact lenses are not included.

Plan Year Maximums
Annual Maximum Benefit None
Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum
(includes deductibles, copays and coinsurance)
$2,000 per person
$6,000 per 3 or more persons

* When the type of coverage is family (3 or more persons), the family deductible amount is calculated by combining the amounts contributed by all the family members covered under the plan. Benefits are paid for a family member who reaches the individual deductible amount before the family deductible amount is reached. A family member may not contribute more than the individual deductible amount to the family deductible amount.

**JHU Preferred Physician services only covered 100% after deductible. You will incur additional expenses for diagnostic testing, facility, and hospital charges.