New Commuter Benefits

Commuter Assistance Program

JHU’s new commuter assistance program allows you to have pretax deductions taken from your pay to cover eligible expenses associated with your commute to work, such as public transportation (bus passes, metro, vanpooling) and non-JHU parking. You may elect a transit account, parking account, or both.

You elect a contribution amount to help cover monthly commuting expenses, but if your commuting needs change, you can make changes to your elections every month. New elections take effect the month after they are submitted and are managed by WEX, our commuter assistance program administrator.

Mass-Transit Subsidy

In addition to any pretax money you set aside for commuting expenses, JHU provides a subsidy of up to $60 per month to eligible employees to help lessen the cost of commuting, support the University’s sustainability initiatives, and encourage vital in-person interactions. Subsidy amounts are determined by your gross annual salary and the number of days you work on campus.

If you’re eligible, you will have the option to select the JHU subsidy and/or elect your own pretax contribution. You do not need to make employee contributions to your commuter assistance account to receive the JHU-paid subsidy. The current maximum for your and JHU’s combined contributions is $300 per month and is subject to change.

Employer funds will be added to your account the first pay of each month. Unused funds will roll over month to month and year to year.

If you already have a WEX debit card for your Health Care FSA, simply use the card you already have for your transit or parking expenses. Otherwise, check your mail for your new WEX debit card. You can also request reimbursement from WEX (online or app) if you pay out of pocket for any of your transit costs.