Life happens. School closures. Sick nannies. Aging parents who need help. Pets who could use some mid-day love. Now you have help!

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Who is Eligible?

You may use Care@Work if you are full-time, benefits-eligible Johns Hopkins:

  • University faculty and staff
  • Postdoctoral fellows, residents, interns, and housestaff
  • Doctoral and Medical students, and interns
  • Hospital; Health System; Community Physicians; Health Care; Home Care Group; Home Health Services; Pharmaquip; Pediatric at Home; Bayview; Emergency Medical Services; Suburban Hospital & Physicians; Sibley Memorial Hospital; Howard County Hospitals & TCAS; or All Children’s Hospital employees.
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Even if you’re not currently in need of care, we recommend registering with Care@Work through

How to enroll in your family care benefits — Use your JHED ID, without, when registering.

Once you’re enrolled, you can quickly and easily access Care@Work’s offerings by calling 855-781-1303 to speak with a care specialist, on the website, or using the Care@Work app.

Backup Care

Vetted and subsidized adult and child care when your regular care is not available.

With kids, you need to be prepared for anything. From school holidays, to the nanny’s vacation, or other gaps in care, we have you covered. You have access to in-home or in-center vetted and subsidized care for your children when your regular care is not available.

Read more about Backup Care for children and adults.

Use Backup Care for children when:

  • School is closed
  • Your babysitter or nanny is sick or on vacation
  • Your child is mildly ill or has a low-grade fever
  • You have to work late or have business travel
  • Daycare is closed
  • You are working from home and need someone to watch the kids

Your benefit year:

January 1 – December 31

Backup Care days:

Up to 10 days per year

Backup Care rate:

Your cost for backup care is based on your salary, according to the following tiers:

Your Annual Salary Your Pay
$39,999 and below $6 per hour
$40,000 to $74,999 $8 per hour
Over $75,000 $10 per hour
In-Center Care $15 per child
If you use greater than $5,000 in combination of Child Care VoucherDependent Care Flexible Spending, and dependent Backup Care benefit for any 12-month period, it will be applied to your wages, as required by the IRS. Adult Backup Care is taxable. In 2021 only, Congress increased this limit to $10,500 (or $5,250 for married individuals filing separately). JHU has decided to apply this new, higher limit to backup care, only.

Helpful Tools: Membership

Finding the right ongoing care for your family can be hard, especially when you’re balancing the demands of work. That’s why Hopkins provides access to Care@Work, the world’s largest online community for finding care.

Use your Membership to find:
  • Nannies and babysitters
  • Adult caregivers
  • Housekeepers
  • Personal assistants
  • Transportation assistance
  • Pet sitters and groomers
  • Summer or vacation camps
  • Care for children with disabilities
  • Errand runners
  • Tutors

Post a Job

Create a job post with a description of the care you’re hiring for.

Search and filter

Search and filter through caregivers in your zip code radius that meet your requirements.

Safety Center

Access our safety center at for tips and tools to hire safely.

How it Works:

  1. Log in to your account through or the app.
  2. Search for caregiver profiles that match your needs in your area, or post a job for candidates to apply to.
  3. You can schedule interviews from any device and request background checks. Once you’re ready to hire, you can schedule and pay for your
    caregiver on
  4. We offer tools and resources to help you hire safely. Learn more at

Care Membership Overview

Nanny Share

Finding the right child care option for your family can be overwhelming.

Many parents find that they have to decide between hiring a full-time nanny or enrolling in day care, with neither feeling quite right. Fortunately, there’s a middle ground that can provide a high level of personal attention along with the socialization benefits of day care at the right price: the nanny share.

Steps to set up your Nanny Share. 

Set up your Nanny Share now.


How-To Videos


  • Care@Work Webinar Series: Once registered, subscribe to Care@Work updates and you’ll receive invitations to future webinars for working parents and families.
  • Care Talks: Monthly talks with experts focused on confident parenting, raising children with disabilities, caring for aging loved ones, financial wellness, your healthy lifestyle, emotional wellness and succeeding at work. Visit the site to register for upcoming events and watch past sessions on-demand.
  • Resource Guides: These curated resource guides are updated regularly by the team. We encourage families to skim through and “bookmark” for future reference.
You have an obligation to the IRS and state tax agencies to report wages paid to certain in-home providers. Please review the resources below to understand your responsibilities.

Care@Work’s Nanny Tax Guide 

IRS Publication 926

If you use greater than $5,000 in combination of Child Care VoucherDependent Care Flexible Spending, and Backup Care benefits for any 12-month period, it will be applied to your wages, as required by the IRS.