Birth Recovery Leave

Johns Hopkins University recognizes the importance of balancing family, professional, and academic responsibilities faced by new parents and promotes the well-being of their families through various leave policies. For births occurring on or after July 1, 2017, the university will provide paid Birth Recovery Leave for parents who give birth immediately following the birth of a child.


Full-time and part-time faculty, visiting faculty, staff and bargaining unit employees who have been employed in an eligible status with continuous service for at least one year at the time of birth are eligible for Birth Recovery Leave. Limited and casual faculty and staff are not eligible.

Graduate students and postdoctoral trainees are not covered under this policy and should consult the New Child Accommodations for Full-Time Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Trainees for information on family leave benefits.

About the Program

Parents who give birth and who meet the eligibility requirements are entitled to six weeks of fully-paid leave following the birth of a child. This leave may be extended based on medical necessity as determined by Lincoln Financial, and will run concurrently with the 12-weeks of job protection under FML, if still available to the employee. Birth Recovery Leave applies only to parents who give birth, and must be taken immediately upon the birth of a child. Short term disability benefits paid by Lincoln Financial run concurrently with birth recovery leave.

View the Family Leave for New Parents Policy for more information.

How to Request

  1. Before the baby is born, contact your supervisor or HR Business Partner to request Family and Medical Leave.
  2. Contact Lincoln Financial Group, the plan administrator for the university at 888-246-4483, to request Birth Recovery Leave. If you have elected Short-Term Disability (STD), this one entry point is where you can apply for STD and request Birth Recovery Leave.
  3. You will receive a packet from your JHU HR Business Partner about your eligibility for FML. Have your physician complete the certification form and return it to Central HR as directed in the packet.
  4. You will be notified by Central HR of your eligibility for FML.
  5. When the baby is born, contact Lincoln Financial Group again to confirm the birth at 888-246-4483.