Social Well-Being

Social connection is a vital component of your overall well-being. Give back to your community, get support and get fit together!


Community Engagement  Whether you want to help fund school uniforms for city school students, bring holiday cheer to a family in need, spend a day in community service, or volunteer your assistance in some other way, JHU’s many service, charitable, and community programs are a great place to start.


Work Stride: Managing Cancer at Work is an employer-sponsored benefit program that provides comprehensive information and nurse navigator support to help all Johns Hopkins employees and managers understand and navigate the cancer journey. Work Stride oncology nurse navigator Rose Wolfe hosts two this monthly support groups offering cancer-related information and education as well as answering your specific questions. For more information, contact Rose at 844-446-6229 or


Working out with friends, family and colleagues can help you stick to your wellness goals! Find out how to take wellness classes on Burnalong with your friends/family by watching “How To Add Sub Accounts”  and  “Take A Burnalong Class Together Virtually”.  You can also set up team challenges to keep your your hybrid team engaged, lift morale and to get everyone moving.