Financial Health

Financial stability and health are a key part of your overall well-being, and we’re happy to offer programs that can help. Below are a few important steps you can take to boost your financial health.

Learn About Retirement Saving

If you’re not already saving through JHU’s retirement plans, get started right away. Our 403(b) plan lets you save for your future with pre-tax dollars.

You can learn more by exploring the education and learning sites provided by our 403(b) plan vendors. These sites give you an overview of investing basics and retirement planning, including information about asset allocation, Social Security, and other retirement essentials.

Our plan vendors:

Meet an Expert

If you want a little one-on-one time to discuss your personal saving and investment situation with a representative from any of our retirement plan vendors, check the on-campus schedule for sessions near you. Or contact the vendor directly to talk about your financial goals. Our financial vendors offer various programs that can help you learn more about saving and investing.

Access mySupport

JHU’s mySupport includes a host of helpful resources for you and your family, including free financial consultations to help with budgeting, managing debt, resolving IRS issues, tax preparation, financial planning, and more.