Sub Menu Links

Sub menu links are optional links included under the main menu option. You must have a main menu option created before proceeding through this section of the manual. To add or update the main menu options (e.g. “Pay”), follow the Main Menu section of this manual.

Sub Menu Links Example
Sub Menu Links Example
Terminology Used in This Section
  • Left WordPress Menu: Once you are logged into WordPress and viewing the WordPress dashboard, this Left WordPress Menu will be visible on the left hand side of all pages.
  • Main Menu Option: The main menu options are the titles and links included along the top of the website for navigation.
  • Right Menu: Right menus are found on the right side of most editing screens in WordPress. They are normally white boxes that are titled per their function. Each group will be referenced in the manual by their group title.
The main menu and accompanying sub menu links may only be updated by an Administrator level user on the JHU HR website. Contact your Administrator directly to request main menu changes

Before Getting Started

Each Sub Menu Link requires an accompanying Main Menu Option. Before you follow along below, be sure to set up the appropriate Main Menu Option. Follow the Main Menu section of this manual before proceeding.

Accessing Sub Menu Links

Sub menu links are grouped with main menu options in the “Theme Settings” section of WordPress. To access the sub menu links section, select “Theme Settings” on the left WordPress menu.

Adding Sub Menu Links

To add sub menu links to any main menu option, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Select “Theme Settings” from the left WordPress menu
  3. From “Theme Settings” page in WordPress, find the “Menu Links” section (right column)
  4. To include a new link, either select the “Add Row” button within the row you’d like to update or select the “+” symbol to insert a new row between two pre-existing sub menu links (see image below for reference)
  5. Add a new link to the menu by selecting the new “Select Link” button that appears
  6. Type in the URL to the page of the JHU HR website you would like to add – this cannot be an external page
  7. Include the “Link Text” that will be visible in the drop down of the menu
  8. Select the “Add Link” button
  9. Repeat as needed (it is recommended that you add no more than 8 links per section)
  10. Once you’ve added all sub menu links, select the “Update” button under the right-side box titled “Publish”
  11. Clear your cache/refresh the site to see menu changes

Organizing Menus

You can reorganize any main menu option or sub menu link by dragging the rows to their desired order. Once you’ve organized the menu, select the “Update” button under the right menu titled “Publish” for changes to take effect. Remember to clear your cache/refresh the site to see menu changes.