Replace Existing Media

Follow the process outlined below to replace all pre-existing media found on the website. Media includes PDF documents, images, videos, and audio.

Terminology Used in This Section
  • Left WordPress Menu: Once you are logged into WordPress and viewing the WordPress dashboard, this Left WordPress Menu will be visible on the left hand side of all pages.
  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Select “Media” from the left WordPress menu
  3. Within the media library, find and select the media you would like to replace
  4. From the new modal window that appeared after selecting the media item, select the “Upload a new file” button on the right side under the “Replace media” section
  5. From the new window that loaded, select the “Choose File” button under the “Choose Replacement Image” section – this will work for all media types (image replacement, PDF replacement, etc.)
  6. Choose your replacement media item
  7. Under the “Replacement Options” select the appropriate option
    • Using the “Just replace the file” option will replace the old media and keep all links the same throughout the site
    • Using the “Replace the file, use new file name and update all links” option will keep the old media in the media library and update the link (in content and menus) to be a new link
  8. Under the “Date Options” section, select your preferred date to list with the replacement media
  9. Once finished with settings, select “Upload” and your media has been replaced