Life/Dependent Life

We offer basic life insurance—provided by Securian Financial—at no cost to full-time benefits-eligible faculty, staff, and LIUNA bargaining unit members, plus the option to purchase additional coverage for themselves and their dependents.

Such insurance can be an important way of protecting your family’s financial future by helping to offset lost income, to pay expenses such as medical and funeral, or to meet day-to-day financial obligations. And our life insurance policies also give you access to free lifestyle benefits such as personal travel assistance, legacy planning services, and beneficiary financial counseling.

Coverage by Employment Type

  • Faculty and staff: Full-time benefits-eligible faculty and staff are provided $10,000 in basic life insurance, plus the ability to buy supplemental insurance for themselves or their dependents.
  • LIUNA bargaining unit members: Bargaining unit members are provided a basic life insurance benefit equal to their base annual salary, plus the option to purchase supplemental coverage for themselves or their dependents.

Learn More

Visit Securian’s educational microsite to learn more about naming beneficiaries, details of coverage by employment type, and much more.

Visit the Securian Financial microsite

Tax Note: Up to $50,000 of JHU-paid life insurance coverage may be provided as a tax-free benefit. However, the cost of any JHU-provided life insurance coverage greater than $50,000 will be reported on your W-2 form as part of your taxable income (this is called “imputed income”). For example, for $60,000 of life insurance, only the IRS imputed cost for $10,000 insurance ($60,000 minus $50,000) would be considered taxable income.