403b Plan Access

The Internal Revenue Service requires a bonafide retirement in order for you to gain access to all your retirement plan contributions as a retiree, unless you qualify by age for access to these funds.

You must indicate that you are leaving JHU with no intention of returning to active service with the university if you are requesting a distribution of your retirement benefits from the university. If your intention is to continue working at JHU in another capacity or return to the university immediately after retirement, you will not be able to access your retirement funds unless:

  • You are shown as terminated/retired in the payroll system; or
  • You are at least age 59½ to access your contributions to the plan or age 70½ to access your contributions and the university contributions to the plan as permitted by IRS regulations.

Not sure what your options are with regards to your JHU 403(b) Retirement Plan money when you leave the university?  Click here to learn more.

Contact the Johns Hopkins University Retirement Center at TIAA at 888-200-4074 for assistance.